What Advantages Do You Get From a Reverse Cycle AC?

The decision to switch to a reverse cycle air conditioning system is something that’s practical and smart at the same time. The fact that you have equipment used for heating and cooling is more than enough reason to consider investing in it. While some homeowners believe that the upfront costs of making the switch are far out of reach for them, they do not realise that they end up saving a lot of money in energy and maintenance expenses. So, in this article, we’ll talk about the prominent advantages of installing a reverse cycle air conditioner.

1 – The unit keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Australian homes, by tradition, rely on separate heating and cooling equipment to keep indoor temperatures ideal and comfortable all year round. For instance, you use your heater to keep everyone warm during the winter, while there is a separate AC system to take on the scorching summer heat. On the other hand, a reverse cycle AC works by offering both conveniences to you. It uses an efficient heating technique wherein it absorbs the heat from the air outside, while also warm or cools the indoor air. During the cold months, the refrigerant in the system passes through an external coil to absorb the heat from the outside. The same coolant gets pumped through a compressor into the fan coil unit, thereby release heat into the room. The concept of reversing the flow of the coolant corresponds to an efficient way of cooling during the summer.

2 – Reverse cycle AC promotes efficiency.

A compelling reason for you to consider a switch to a reverse cycle air conditioner is the fact that it offers efficiency in operation even in extreme climates or temperatures. For reference, a modern reverse cycle AC can generate at least three kW of cooling or heating with one kW of consumed electricity. While it is true that you will spend a considerable amount of money for the upfront cost of buying and installing new equipment, but in reality, you will achieve a return on your investment quickly since you will experience about 30% reduction in your energy bills.

3 – If you need heating and cooling equipment with zoning capability, go for a reverse cycle variety.

Finally, you should consider investing in a reverse cycle air conditioner if you want something that allows you to turn on your AC for specific parts of the house to cool or heat. It is a concept that saves money since some areas and rooms do not need heating or cooling, like those with no occupants. Zoning capabilities of reverse cycle ACs do not only save you money, but they also promote efficiency and practicality. Likewise, it also helps you feel satisfied since you no longer will pay for expensive monthly energy bills.