Some Quick Ideas On How To Stop Blocked Drains

It s a big inconvenience that nearly every homeowner is going to experience at least once in their life, and when you finally sort it out, there is likely a good chance that it’ll lead to some major health problems as well along the way. From foreign objects that have been dropped into the drain to a large build-up of sludge, grease and all other gunk, there are just so many different reasons why you might be having blocked drains. From simple blocked drains Adelaide to the build-up of debris from soap scum to tree roots, the best thing that you can do for your plumbing is to make sure that you take care of any problem right away. Here are a few common causes of blocked drains that you can look into.

A blocked drains Adelaide is one of the most common reasons why your pipes are getting clogged. If you call us, we can immediately come and clean up the problem for you! The most common reason why sewer pipes get clogged is insects, so to keep this from happening again, you need to invest in a good insect repellent. If you notice that there are a lot of grass or pine needles inside your toilet, it might be a sign that there are pests inside your sewer pipe as well. If you find dead insects inside the pipe, you might also want to call us since we can come and clean the pipe and remove any unwanted critters in it.

Blocked Drains AdelaideAnother reason why plumbing gets clogged is tree roots. Tree root rot can create havoc on your drainage system, and putting pressure on your pipes, could lead to serious problems such as blockages. Ensure that you keep your drainage area clear of debris and plant trees in that area to minimise the chances of tree root rot. If you have a storm, always remember to cover your drainage system with a leaf guard to prevent tree roots damage.

Grease can also cause blocked drains Adelaide, so if you notice any grease anywhere in your house, no matter how small, make sure that you have it cleaned up ASAP. You can buy a grease gun from any hardware store to help you spread the grease easily but remember only to pour the grease into the drain after it’s completely saturated. The key to successfully spreading the grease is to wait until it has completely saturated and then slowly spread it with your fingers and a cloth.

Water gurgling through your pipes can also cause blocked drains, so if your kitchen sink starts gurgling and your toilet drips water or if your bathtub starts leaking, it might mean that you have blockages somewhere in your plumbing system. This often occurs when there is backed up sewage in your pipes. In most cases, these blocked drains can easily be repaired using household materials. However, in extreme cases, you might need to hire a professional plumber to handle the situation. A blocked drain can sometimes be solved by cleaning and resealing your pipes, but sometimes you have to replace the pipes entirely. A blocked drain that has been repaired can sometimes return after a few months.

Blocked drains can also occur when there is tree sap in your pipes. Sometimes this can be caused by poor maintenance of your garden, so try to clear away some tree debris now and then to prevent gurgling drains. However, in cases of severe gurgling, you might have to call in a professional to remove tree roots and clogs from your drains. You can find out more about blocked drains repair by consulting a local plumbing company or a local hardware store. You might also want to read more about blocked drains on the Internet, so you can find the best ways to address blocked drains and gurgling drains.