Welcome to Purple Armband

What are Purple Armband Games?

Purple Armband Games are sports fixtures where players, spectators, and officials wear purple armbands to show their opposition to violent behaviour against women.

Why a purple armband?

In sport, armbands are symbols of grief and respect. Purple is the colour of women’s rights. The wearer of a purple armband:

  • Makes a statement of respect for women;
  • Acknowledges the grief caused by sexual assault;
  • Stands against all forms of violence against women.

Who has worn the purple armbands?

Since 2004 over 500 teams in Australian Football, Rugby League, Soccer, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey have worn purple armbands. You can, too.

What’s the point?

Most of us condemn gender violence without doing much about it. Purple Armband Games provide an opportunity for peer leadership in opposing violence against women.