What to Know About Biogas as an Alternative Fuel Choice

Biogas is a blend of methane and carbon dioxide and is produced naturally when organic matter decomposes in the absence of oxygen. Biogas is produced from landfilling and through anaerobic digestion. Depending on the place where biogas is produced, it can also be called swamp gas, landfill gas, marsh gas, or digester gas.

advantages of biogasAnaerobic digestion is a primary method of producing biogas. Biogas is produced by utilising anaerobic digesters. Here, the plants are fed with energy crops such as biodegradable waste, maize silage, sewage sludge, and food waste. The landfill produces decomposing organic waste under anaerobic conditions in a landfill. The Gober gas, on the other hand, is the form of biogas generated out of cow dung. This type of biogas is usually produced for households in Australia and other countries such as India and Pakistan.

There are many advantages of biogasover other alternative fuels. On the main benefit of biogas is that the technology is cheaper than other biofuels. The dilute waste can be used as the substrate. In the process of producing biogas, organic pollutants are removed from the environment and used to make useful biogas, and this cleans the environment. Aseptic conditions aren’t required for operation. Another benefit of biogas is that it will not produce any unpleasant smell. Electricity can be generated with biogas 24/7. There is also a reduced risk of explosion as compared to pure methane, and any biodegradable matter is used as a substrate for producing biogas.


Biogas has many benefits, and a few disadvantages as well. One among them is that the biogas value is rather low and this makes it an unattractive commercially. This process is not attractive economically on a large scale. Also, biogas contains some impurities, which are corrosive to the metal parts of internal combustion. Another major drawback of biogas is that it is yields are lower due to the dilute nature of the substrate.

The disadvantages are nothing compared to the benefits offered by biogas, and that is why it is a wise investment. If you are considering investing in a biodigester, there are many experts out there that can supply quality digesters and help you with the installation work. All you need is to research, know what you want and then look for a biogas company. The biogas expert will visit your location and give you a quote for the project. You can get a few quotes and make a price comparison. The bottom line is working with biogas experts that have a good reputation in the industry and a company that can offer you competitive prices with no compromise on quality.